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The Hilton Kingston Jamaica is to host the renaissance of the Media Expo in the form of the Caribbean Media Conference and Expo. The brainchild of Aldo of AMK COMMUNICATIONS, the Media Expo is making a seamless transition in September 2006 in order to facilitate the inevitable integration of the Caribbean region to become part of a more global marketplace.

In the early 1990’s the country saw a boom in the economy and experienced a general liberalization, which opened the marketplace for many industries. The winds of change brought with it the dawn of the information age and Jamaicans were now given the opportunity to choose what to watch, read and listen.

Advertisers were clamouring to expose their products and services to the populous and media was abound with opportunities to help in this regard. Aldo recognized the opportunities that became available and as such the Media Expo was created to provide vital information and direction to persons within the industry.

The Expo was the perfect forum to bring both buyers and sellers together in an arena where all could walk away with the knowledge and information that would work in the interest of both the advertiser and the media. The Expo successfully harnessed the newfound freedom and was able to set the stage for the growth and development that the industry has undergone.

It has been Fourteen Years since the first staging of the Media Expo and it has come a long way. With the major decision made to make the Expo a regional affair, the 2006 Caribbean Media Conference and Expo is set to tackle vital issues that will set the stage for the future of Advertising and Media both in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean.


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